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Tiffany Moníque


Best known to the general public as one-third of Beyonce's background singers "The Mamas",  vocalist/ songwriter Tiffany Moníque stepped out of the shadows with her debut EP, Nemesis, in 2010. The EP was released worldwide through Rhythm 252 Music Group,  her joint independent imprint with Kevin "Kwiz" Ryan. Since its launch, Tiffany Moníque has amassed an impressive international fan base of thousands, including superstar, Beyonce: "Tiffany's voice has effortless strength, sass, seduction, and heart with a tone that puts you at ease," said Beyonce. "I am very lucky to have worked with her for many years and I am proud that she now has such a wonderful piece of work to share with the world." 


A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Tiffany moved to Newark, New Jersey as a young child. Immediately, Tiffany became actively involved in church and was a director in the church's music ministry by high school. In addition to her gospel roots, Tiffany found joy listening to seasoned soul singers on the radio, including Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Whitney Houston, Vesta and Chaka Khan.


Bliz Kardai


Bliz Kardai was raised in hip-hop's Mecca – Bronx, NY. The son of a composer/producer, music flowed through his veins at an early age. But it wasn't until he saw the reactions of his friends who would rap to instrumentals that he decided hip-hop was the path he wanted to lead. By listening to songs and remaking them with his own rhymes and style, Bliz began to build his catalog. He later linked up with a friend who had a studio hook-up, and from there, "it was on...".


Baring musical resemblances to a young "Nas", Bliz is a fan of old school hip-hop. "Rap music from the 80's and 90's influenced my style because hip hop made sense at that time" says Bliz. "Now, anybody can put words to a beat and call it "rap" or "hip hop". Bliz positioned himself to make his own noise in hip-hop through the release of two mixtapes: "Love Kills Hate Survives" (2011) and "They Call Me Bliz Vol. 1" (2013). In 2013, Bliz took his career mainstream with the release of his first video, "Mona Lisa" which received impressive YouTube success.



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