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Kwiz Announces the Release of “The Black Light Chronicles,” A Call-to-Action Concept Album About the

New York, NY — Kevin “Kwiz” Ryan, producer/engineer, composer and tour audio programmer for The Formation World Tour, will release The Black Light Chronicles – a call-to-action concept album based on past and present African American experiences in the U.S. – on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

The Black Light Chronicles is a multi-genre project that tackles issues of race relations, police brutality, gun-control, religion and several other sensitive topics that capture the challenges and coping mechanisms of Black Americans. It features a diverse group of independent artists including, TOY !!!, Pretty Lyon, Bliz Kardai, RadGalRay, Nyasha Nicole, Nia Shwavé, Neycha, A.R., J’von “Bishop” Lawrence, Kat Rodriguez, and Andria Cole. The project also features two offerings from singer/songwriter, Tiffany Moníque, best known as 1/3 of Beyoncé’s widely acclaimed background vocalists, “The Mamas.”

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